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7 7 Rare Pok?mon List
by PinkRose!
Jul 1, 2012 14:17:34 GMT -6
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This is where anything goes! Make sure to follow the rules though. That even applies here.

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9 38 Woo!
by vaporeon
Sept 11, 2012 20:04:32 GMT -6
No New Posts The Staff Room

Shhhshh <3 Its a secret! I know you're dying to know what's inside.

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No New Posts Artistic Land

Although it fits into ooc, we felt like this deserved it's own board. With everything you can create, I'm sure it'll be full of fun creations in no time. :3

2 6 Vermella .gif
by PinkRose!
Jul 6, 2012 16:08:12 GMT -6
No New Posts Staff Tryouts

We could really use some help around here sometimes. Mods and temporary(mini) mods are quite appreciated. Of course you have to try out first. Don't be offended if you don't get chosen, it's not personal. <3 We love you.

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No New Posts Character Creation

The form and everything you need to create a new character.

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23 32 Brookes, Katrina
by PinkRose!
Jul 30, 2012 15:43:03 GMT -6
No New Posts Plotting & Character Fun

Everything that has to do with a character is right within your grasp! Claims, diaries, plots, and much more!

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No New Posts Archives

Where the old have passed on.

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No New Posts PC Boxes

Make sure to keep track of your party Pok?mon, your current companion Pok?mon, your items, and your stored Pok?mon here.

7 18 Katrina's PC
by NoxMareep
Jul 31, 2012 5:01:44 GMT -6

North Vermella

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No New Posts Coastal City

A large, technologically advanced city, sitting within a man-made bay, acting as both the first and last port of call for those who seek to journey across Vermella. A bustling port for trade and commerce, Coastal City is also a center for learning and scientific research, particularly in the field of Pok?mon. Coastal City is home to both the Pok?mon Laboratory of the region, as well as the final Pok?mon Gym.

Sub-boards: Coastal City Gym, Coastal City Mall, Coastal City Pokémon Lab, Coastal City Beach

11 39 +i fly like paper [open]
by Forkology
Jul 19, 2012 19:17:18 GMT -6
No New Posts Albicant Trail

Owing to the sheer cliff faces, traveling directly from Coastal City to Albicant Bay along the shoreline is an impossibility. Instead, one must take the Albicant Trail, a lengthy pathway consisting of two identifiable Routes; one untouched by human hands, and the other having been cleared recently in anticipation for expansion of the small fishing town within the bay itself.

Sub-boards: Route 1, Route 2

3 16 shattered [mod/open]
by PinkRose!
Aug 1, 2012 12:49:41 GMT -6
No New Posts Albicant Bay

Albicant Bay is very easy to miss, being sheltered from the elements by the cliffs that separate it from the much larger and more grandiose Coastal City. Yet it is not without charm; pristine white sandy beaches rival those of the Coastal Beach in beauty and splendor. A small fishing village offers respite for weary travelers, and an essential stop for trainers, being home to the first Gym of the Vermella Region.

Sub-boards: Albicant Gym, Albicant Beach, Time-Off Diner and Cafe

4 4 Gym Information
by Spectra
Jul 10, 2012 0:21:51 GMT -6
No New Posts Albicant Coast

The opposite side of the Albicant Bay is noticeably less rocky, allowing for travelers to follow the coastline in a relatively linear route towards Odar Town. However, a small cavern provides the first real challenge for those seeking to do so...

Sub-boards: Route 3, Chime Cavern, Route 4

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No New Posts Odar Town

A quaint, charming little town on the outskirts of the forested Route 4, Odar Town is renowned across the region for its wide variety of natural perfumes, as well as its rich soil, in which a wide variety of flowers, berries and crops can be grown. A calm, relaxing town with an almost exotic scent to the air, Odar Town is relatively modern, although has not yet quite crossed the threshold to be as technologically advanced as other populated areas of the region.

Sub-boards: Oola's Florist, Morning Glory

3 3 Atelier Sophra
by Spectra
Jul 8, 2012 4:44:04 GMT -6
No New Posts Cognit Trail

The Cognit Trail is, in fact, many pathways, which all intersect at a rather famous (now derelict and decidedly haunted) mansion, located in the middle of the Cognit forest. As oe ventures further away from Odar Town and deeper into the forest, they will find things become a little less quaint and a lot more overgrown...

Sub-boards: Route 5, Route 6

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No New Posts Cognit Forest

A thick, unkempt and overgrown forest, teeming with wildlife. The narrow path is often covered by leaves, making it all too easy to stray from it and become lost amongst the trees. Wild Pokémon lurk within the foliage, and can be difficult to spot until they decide to move. There are two exits to the Cognit Forest, although neither is clearly signposted nor marked, meaning it can be difficult to figure out which way you're headed.

Sub-board: Cognit Mansion

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No New Posts Arasca City

Exiting Cognit Forest via the eastern path will lead you straight into Arasca City. Built right at the edge of the forest, it seems to be engaged in a constant war with it seems to be losing, as pavements are frequently cracked by unseen tree roots, and any grass that is cut quickly becomes wild and unruly again. Nonetheles, the ample supply of lumber makes Arasca City one of the larger cities of the region, with a thriving carpentry and joinery industry.

Sub-boards: Arasca City Gym, Town Square, Nansas Inn, Tazaln Roadhouse, Calafama Treehouse

2 2 Arasca City Pokémon Center
by Spectra
Jul 1, 2012 2:23:05 GMT -6
No New Posts Mencusa Path

Northwest of Cognit Forest lies a path that will see you heading towards Mencusa City, a fairly large industrial city. Here the forest begins to dwindle somewhat, and in places there are noticeable signs of human settlement which, in the absence of humans, have become a habitat for Pok?mon one would not typically expect to see in a forested area...

Sub-boards: Route 7, Factory Complex #37

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No New Posts Mencusa Town

Sitting on the fringes between northern and southern Vernella, passing through Mencusa Town will put you in southern Vernella, where things will get noticeably tougher. It's close proximity to an active volcano makes Mencusa Town a town with highly rich and fertile soil, as well as natural hot springs...and a very warm climate. The people to be found here are a hardy and practical sort, accustomed to the danger they are in being so close to a volcano. Also home to the third Pokémon Gym, Mencusa Town is an essential stopover for any on a journey.

Sub-boards: Mencusa Town Gym, Carpenter's, General Store

2 2 Mencusa Town Pokémon Center
by Spectra
Jul 1, 2012 2:36:34 GMT -6

Southern Vermella

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No New Posts Pikin River

Separating nothern Vermella from southern Vermella is the Pikin River, which is several meters deep in some areas, although little over a mile wide; with a Pok?mon that knows Surf, one could cross it within a few minutes. However, the rapids are treacherous, and there will no doubt be Pok?mon to bar your passage, so it may take longer than you think...

Sub-board: Picnic Area

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No New Posts Harlaw City

The most developed City in Southern Vermella, Harlaw City priorities the comfort of its citizens over the environment around it, and so pollution is quite a serious problem, although steps have been taken to counteract this, including exploration into utilizing hydroelectric power over fossil fuels. Very much the counterpart to Coastal City in terms of technological advancement, Harlaw City is also renowned for its mountainous scenery...and occasional earthquakes.

Sub-boards: Harlaw City Gym, Roserade Park

2 2 Harlaw City Pokémon Center
by Spectra
Jul 1, 2012 4:20:54 GMT -6
No New Posts Harlaw Pass

As travelers leave Harlaw City, they will find that the ground underfoot becomes decidedly rockier, ad much more hazardous. The area known as Harlaw Pass is but a taster of what is to come, as it leads steadily towards the Cap Mountains.

Sub-boards: Route 8, Midnight Tunnel

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No New Posts Nabra Town

A small mining community located in the middle of a natural quarry, Nabra Town has a fairly dilapidated and run-down appearance; many of the buildings have fallen into disuse, or have only recently been renovated. Whilst the mining operations have been cut back on significantly, Nabra Town remains a rather significant site, being both a useful resting point for travelers and a historical curiosity, as with the excavation of sites surrounding the area has come the discovery of ancient artifacts, which are gathered in the museum.

2 2 Nabra Town Pokémon Center
by Spectra
Jul 1, 2012 4:53:51 GMT -6
No New Posts Valera Plains

A wide, expansive plain separating Nabra Town from Valera Town, a forest once occupied the space between the two, although it was burned down in a mysterious fire centuries before. Whilst grass has begun to grow once again in areas, it seems doubtful a tree will ever grow in this area again...

Sub-boards: Route 9, Mistborn Steppe

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No New Posts Valera Town

Considered twin to Nabra Town, as they were built at the same time with the goal of supporting one another, Valera Town has developed whilst Nabra Town has declined, becoming a modest-sized farming community and a tourist attraction in its own right. Located close to the Cap Mountains, it benefits from fertile soil and fresh spring water, as well as plenty of space for ranches.

Sub-boards: Valera Town Market Place, Valera Town Gym

7 7 Valera Town Pok?mart
by Jae.
Jul 13, 2012 13:39:01 GMT -6
No New Posts Cap Mountain Range

The Cap Mountain Range is several thousand feet high at its highest peak, stretches for miles across the continent, and is highly treacherous. Whilst paths have been made through the mountains for trainers - who will find visiting this location essential if they wish to complete their collection of badges - accidents are frequent and often fatal. Only the bravest venture here.

Sub-boards: Route 10, Psywave Cave

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No New Posts Cap Mountain Peak

The highest point of the mountain range, the Cap Mountain Peak (there are other, lesser peaks, yet these are often conveniently ignored by travelers) is not for the faint of heart: freezing temperatures and high altitudes make this a severe test of endurance. Trainers will need to brave this obstacle, however, if they wish to acquire their next gym badge, as the Flying type gym for the region is located at the very top.

Sub-board: The Flying Gym

2 7 SHOW GOES ON [Keiko & Maylee]
by PinkRose!
Jul 14, 2012 15:41:44 GMT -6
No New Posts Tundaria Highlands

Unfortunately for aspiring trainers, the Cap Mountain Range is but the tip of the iceberg...a rather large iceberg they will need to cross in order to reach the final city. A struggle to reach the next destination becomes a struggle to survive, as temperatures plummet and all vision beyond a few feet is obscured...welcome to the Tundaria Highlands.

Sub-boards: Mt. Tundaria, Tundaria Pass, Tundaria Fields

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No New Posts Racon City

Those seeking relief from the chilly climate will not find it in Racon City, which seems to be in a state of perpetual winter. It takes nothing short of an overwhelming heatwave for the city to not experience anything but overcast skies and snowfall. Despite its apparent bleakness, the city is extremely high-class: theater, beauty pageants for people and Pok?mon alike, and talent contests are all held with frequency here.

Sub-boards: Racon City Gym, Racon City Galleria

5 5 The Magikarp Salesman
by Spectra
Jul 8, 2012 12:19:57 GMT -6
No New Posts Victory Road

More of a series of caverns and passageways than a road, it is a testament to victory nonetheless; a hallmark of triumph for those who have gathered all eight badges...and one final test; a crucible in which to forge oneself into a trainer worthy of taking on the Elite Four. A trainer will need to use all their skills - as well as the majority of the HMs they will have gathered in their journey - to pass through here and reach the Pok?mon League.

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No New Posts Renzor Terrace

The Elite Four of Vermella. At the moment, it lacks a champion, for most Pok?mon trainers aim for companionship. Inside, it's cool and crisp, with a Pok?mon Center and a Pok?mon Mart. The tile is a shimmering sandy tan, and the walls are a light blue, based off of the prized beach of Northern Vermella. There is a wide pathway in the center of the two common ailments, blocked by one man, who lets you pass after you show him your badges.

Sub-boards: Grass, Electric, Fire, Steel

4 4 Renzor Terrace Pokémart
by Spectra
Jul 8, 2012 4:19:08 GMT -6

Other Areas

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No New Posts Isabelline City

Isabelline City, located in the far north of the continent, is accessible only by the subway, and as such it is immediately accessible to all who wish to visit it. A sprawling hi-tech metropolis that is dedicated entirely to trainers, Isabelline City is in a constant state of activity, be it day or night. There are numerous breeding and day care facilities for trainers to take advantage of, and battle classes are conducted regularly by visiting Gym Leaders and Elite Four members. The makeshift arenas set up around the city make this an ideal place for trainers to get together and battle one another in a less formal setting, a well.

Sub-boards: Trader's Corner, Isabelline Shopping District, Trainer Lounge, Daycare Center

12 14 & easy days [O]
by PinkRose!
Jul 30, 2012 15:41:29 GMT -6
No New Posts Taupe Ruins

The ruins of a civilisation older than anything else discovered on Vermella to date, the Taupe Ruins are little more than a collection of weathered stones, as well as the occasional broken relic; fragments of intricate pottery, tiny bronze coins with an unrecognisable head or Pokémon silhouette carved upon them, and various other items. Having seen more than its fair share of looters, both legal and otherwise, the Taupe Ruins have been declared a protected site. A small campsite on the fringe of the ruins is the only recent settlement, and it is often hectic and crowded, although one can find many interesting things in the quieter areas of the ruins.

Sub-boards: Giant's Gateway, Mausoleum of the Emperor

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No New Posts Hallowed Graveyard

A graveyard that has fell into disuse, during the day it is relatively unimposing, and on occasion someone may even visit one of their relatives buried there. However, at night the graveyard becomes a foreboding place, as a thick layer of mist descends, making it impossible to see any further than a few feet in front of you. Ghost-type Pokémon prowl the graveyard, preying on those foolish enough to enter and, due to poor visibility, they can effectively keep someone running around all night. Whilst not malevolent by nature, they are somewhat overzealous in their practical jokes, and those who scare easily are not advised to seek them out…

Sub-board: Hallowed Necropolis

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No New Posts Cerise Tower

Cerise Tower is a physical manifestation of a colossal waste of money, having been built in honour of a man that history has long since forgotten, other than to be reminded of how much capital he was willing to invest in his own ego. However, as it fell into disarray and was steadily forgotten about by all, many wild fighting-type Pokémon took refuge within it and began using it as a tower to train their skills. The tower is officially the property of the City Council who, whilst they are sitting in the pockets of multiple organisations, remains adamant on one thing: the tower is to be left alone and not extorted for profit. This is due mainly to the extremely loud protestations of Pokémon Trainers, who use the tower for training purposes…and make up a large amount of the income received by the area.

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No New Posts Safari Zone

Occupying nearly a thousand square miles of land, the Safari Zone is a protected area of land in which many rare and unusual Pokémon dwell. Whilst it is open to anyone who wishes to explore, all visits are strictly monitored and timed, and trainers are only allowed to catch a limited number of Pokémon per visit, and their visits are regulated to once per week. They must also rely on their wits to obtain Pokémon here, for battling is strictly forbidden, to avoid antagonising the wild Pokémon.

Sub-board: Paradise Prairie

3 3 Paradise Prairie - Reception Desk
by Spectra
Jul 3, 2012 12:40:22 GMT -6
No New Posts Zatzu Isle

A popular tourist attraction, it's very gorgeous, to say in the least. Beaches with sand that are white as snow, and as soft as a feather, with water that looks like it came straight from the bottle. The huts are as you'd imagine if you saw an island like that, with straw ceilings, wood paneling and flooring. It has plenty of room for relaxation.

Sub-boards: Paloneen Hotel, Desiree Cafe

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No New Posts Battle Isle

The island where you can enter a large building and battle folks one after another, but you gain no experience. It's still under construction. Soon the metal and glass building will be finished though.

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Guest Area

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193 201 ZapdosZulu: A HG/SS Pok?mon Roleplay (12+ Years and Going)
by Caramell
Mar 7, 2020 10:00:23 GMT -6
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